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2018 - Present


AMIG Robotics

Mexico City

  • Lead project engineer in an RFID solution system for an international bakery company, managing and coordinating a team for firmware development, PCB and electronic design, web platform, as well as in-factory installation and testing.

  • IoT solution project management and redesign for vehicle telemetry and monitoring, including temperature sensing, as well as power path management (battery), memory and 4G/GPS capabilities.

  • Project architect and electronics designer for a vending machine prototype with high potential impact, including telemetry, actuators integration, graphical user interface design and payment system.

  • Solution design and PM for a public transport counting device, based on computer vision and face recognition, including GPS tracking and sensor monitoring aimed to improve public security.

2014 - 2017


Centro de Innovación Tecnológica Anáhuac

Mexico City

  • Project management for the “Projects for Innovation Impulse” call by the mexican Science and Technology Council (CONACYT).

  • Materials selection for a hunting camera and an orthosis (exoskeleton for therapy), elaborated a full report and materials analysis for an external company, by collaborating with a professor leader in the field.

  • Materials selection and engineering for a crane and elaborated a full report regarding materials analysis.


2012 - 2016


Mechatronics Engineering

Mexico City

Studied Mechatronics Engineering at one of the best universities in Mexico, participating as well in many areas such as the robotics club, hosting a radio show, attended to the fencing club and took part of the editorial board for the Engineering School magazine.

Professional skillset

Electronics design

Embedded systems design

PCB Layout

Project management

C++ / Python programming

CAD / Finite element analysis


English (proficient)

German (intermediate)

Spanish (native)

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