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Here is a quick overview of some of my past projects.

IOT Transport telemetry

Electronic designer and project manager

Electronic design, PCB layout and assembly of an IOT device with automatic power path management, battery charging, several I2C devices, FeRAM memory backup, optocoupled IOs, multiple voltage converters, 4G LTE integration in a small form factor and RTC addition.

PCB 02.png

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Designed, modelled and simulated a chassis structure for the Hyperloop Pod Competition, presented at Texas A&M University with other top universities in the world. Realized Finite Element Analysis to optimize and identify stress across the different surfaces of the outer shell.

FEA 01.png

Home automation

I automated my house so lights, fans, the washing machine, the 3D printer, TVs, weather conditions, popcorn maker, etc. can all be controlled or monitored through tablets around the house, my smartphone or even my smartwatch, either being home or away. It is almost every engineer's dream to have a "JARVIS" assistant at home, so this was really a fun project to put together.

Home automation 01.png
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